This is the most bastardly skate park, not just in Skate 3, but ever designed, ever.

Almost literally nothing inside it makes sense and nothing works.


This skate park appears to be the design of a Dr-Suess-obsessed 6 year old on Speed, probably just to screw with skater's minds.

Zen Plaza is split into two sections, the ground where nothing makes sense, and the bordering rooftops where even less makes sense. Everything is where it shouldn't be; there are slabs on slabs on slabs; there are grind rails on walls; there are drop-ins to nowhere; upside-down bridges, rocks sticking out of the ground, and one spot where there is a drop-in that makes you smack your head on an overpass and fall into a hole in the roof. 

Bastard, bastard, bastard.

How much bastard?Edit

All the bastard.