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Skate 3, the third entry in Black Box's Skate series, releases May 11th, and features a new Create.Park system, improved online play, and teams for online competitive modes.


The intro video begins with a logging company taking wood through the process of being made into a skateboard, with the work being performed by various professional skaters you will meet throughout the game. The skateboard is being taken to your skater. Your skater is about to jump off the roof of Hartley Stadium, into a ramp, to jump over a shark statue. Your skater overshoots the landing ramp and lands behind a set of port-a-pottys. The two announcers covering the stunt then are heard saying that your sponsors are pulling out of deals with you. While you're in a daze, Reda suggests that you two start your own company.

Gameplay Edit

While Reda is handling the business end of your company, Shingo (from skate. and Skate 2) takes over the camera. The goal of the game is to sell one million boards for your board company. You sell boards by doing challenges, meeting pros, and playing online. Hall of Meat is no longer a side objective and is now made of actual challenges to do. A new feature "The Object Dropper" can be accessed by pressing either LB+B for Xbox 360 or L1 and Circle for PS3. This menu allows you to drop most props from the game from one location.